Rules of Conduct

Kunta kuvakkeet

In addition to the general laws and regulations, Siikajoki Municipality’s ordinance, the articles of association and resolutions of the General Meeting, tenants must also comply with the following rules:

  1. Noise and disturbance in units are strictly forbidden from 22:00 to 07:00. If you are planning to host a family party or other gathering, you must agree on it with your neighbours in advance.
  2. Observe cleanliness in the common areas of the property. Do not store bicycles, prams and the like in the housing company’s storage space.
  3. Pack household waste and paper for recycling neatly and put them in their respective collection containers. Also, recycle glass and organic waste and properly dispose of cigarette butts. Do not pour potato peels or coffee grounds down the drain.
  4. Pet owners must ensure that their pet does not disturb other tenants or soil children’s playgrounds or other common areas. Do not walk pets unleashed.
  5. Parking is only allowed in designated areas, NOT ON WALKWAYS OR ALONG THE DRIVEWAY. Guest parking is in the public parking area. Only service traffic is allowed to park at the building doors. Tenants must ensure that their guests also follow proper parking practice.
  6. Do not heat cars by running a power cord from indoors. Unnecessary heating of cars must be avoided.
  7. To ensure the cleanliness of outdoor areas:
    • Do not trample on or otherwise damage lawns or plantings – any damage will be charged from the damaging party;
    • Do not store things in the yard without the permission of the property manager;
    • Do not hang posters or advertising signs on buildings without the permission of the property manager;
    • Each tenant must maintain the green areas under their control and ensure the cleanliness and snow clearing of their external stairs.
    • Do not hang laundry lines from building structures.
    • If you smoke in the courtyard, put the cigarette butts in the containers reserved for them – DO NOT THROW THEM IN THE YARD.
  8. Do not smoke inside units.
  9. Report any pipe leaks or blockages and faults in electrical or other equipment of the property to the caretaker or property manager without delay.
  10. Anyone moving into or out of the building must promptly notify the property manager.

A copy of these Rules of Conduct must be provided to the new tenant and kept in the unit.