Sorting guide

Kunta kuvakkeet

Tenant’s guide to sorting waste

Households generate large amounts of mixed waste every year. By sorting waste, we can be ecological and reduce the amount of mixed waste, which puts strain on the environment. As a tenant, you can also influence the cost of waste treatment, which is directly reflected in the rental level, by sorting waste. The better waste is sorted at the source, the lower the cost of waste treatment. This reduces, among other things, the pressure for rent increases.

Our housing companies’ waste collection points have separate collection containers for normal household waste. Most of our housing companies have separate collection containers for combustible waste, paper, metal and glass.

If there is no collection container for recyclable waste – paper, cardboard, glass and metal – you can take them to RINKI eco take-back points:

  • Outside Siikajoenkylä health centre, Tiirantie 4
  • Outside the former Revonlahti TB petrol station, Keskustie 2
  • Next to Ruukki’s K-market, Siikasavontie 2
  • In the parking area behind of Ruukki’s Sale, Nikkiläntie (no metal collection)
  • Parking area on Paavola’s Keskustie

Dispose of organic waste either in your own compost bin or among combustible waste.

Waste station

The waste station in Ruukki Business Park on Ahlströmintie in the former Kontiohalli is open on Tuesdays 16:00–19:00,

except for mid-week holidays. The contractor of the waste station is Siikajoen 4H-yhdistys ry.

The waste station is intended for and accepts free of charge hazardous waste generated by households in Siikajoki, such as liquid paint, varnish, solvents, batteries and small amounts of waste oil (max. 30 litres), toxins, pesticides (small quantities), fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs.

The waste station also accepts broken electrical equipment intended for domestic use and scrap metal free of charge. Scrap metal refers, for example, to roofing sheets, gutters, metal furniture, drained engines and all metal objects in general. Property owners can also bring fridges, freezers and washing machines to the waste station free of charge.

Occasional (max. 200 kg or 1 m3) trailer loads of dry mixed waste can also be brought to the waste station for a fee. Large and repeated loads must be taken to Rusko Waste Centre in Oulu.

Hazardous waste includes:

  • Unnecessary paint, varnish, solvents, batteries or waste oil found at home;
  • Toxins, pesticides (small quantities); and
  • Fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs

Waste electrical equipment includes:

  • Electric appliances for domestic use, small and large. Household electrical equipment can be brought to the waste station in reasonable loads.

Scrap metal includes:

  • Roofing sheets, gutters, metal furniture, drained engines, all metal objects.

Mixed waste accepted by the waste station:

  • Any waste that you cannot fit in your own waste collection container, such as furniture or minor renovation waste.
  • The amount of waste generated by construction sites or the like is so large that it must be delivered directly to Rusko Waste Centre.
  • The waste station is not intended for municipal waste, such as smelly kitchen waste. You must always put such waste in your own waste collection container, which is emptied by the waste management company.

You can search for sorting instructions using the search box at www.jä