Terminating your lease

Kunta kuvakkeet

Notice of termination

Leases must be terminated with a written notice to the landlord. The period of notice is one calendar month. The unit will remain under your control until the end of the calendar month following the notice date.

Fill in the termination notice form, sign it and deliver it to Ruukin Villa Oy, Siikasavontie 1 A, 92400 Ruukki.

Arrange with your electricity company to terminate your electricity contract or transfer it to your new address. Changes must usually be made no later than two weeks before the moving date.

Remember to notify your insurance company and other service providers of your change of address.

Notification of move

You can submit a notification of move at https://www.posti.fi/muuttoilmoitus

You can also submit the notification by phone Mon–Fri 8:00-16:00 at 0295 535 535 (local network charge/mobile phone charge).

Pack your belongings

Only pack the items you brought with you when you moved in or purchased for the unit. For example, curtain rail clips, fixed ceiling lights and household appliances are the property of Ruukin Villa Oy.

Clean the unit

When moving out, you should clean the unit thoroughly enough to please even the most demanding new occupant. If you completely or partially neglect to clean, you will be charged for the cleaning costs. A good rule of thumb for cleaning is to clean the unit as well as you would like the previous tenant to have cleaned your new home.

When cleaning, pay special attention to the following:


  • Wipe cabinets inside and outside, make sure countertops and appliances are clean and tidy.
  • Clean the extractor hood and its grease filter.
  • Clean and defrost the fridge and freezer. Leave the fridge and freezer doors open.
  • Plug the water intake and drain connections for the dishwasher.

Bathroom and sauna

  • Scrub the plumbing fixtures thoroughly and clean the floor drain and drain traps.
  • Clean all surfaces, including any sauna benches.
  • Plug the water intake and drain connections for the washing machine.

Other premises

  • Clean all surfaces (walls, floors, smooth ceilings, fixed furnishings) and remove stains.
  • Clean the windows (all surfaces). If the outside temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, only wash the inner window pane on both sides.
  • Do not leave behind any trash or items other than the basic equipment in the unit.
  • Empty and clean your yard area or balcony and storage locker.
  • When you move out, all the fixed lights in the unit, including the lights of household appliances, must be in working order.

Any faults or deficiencies that occurred during your tenancy must be corrected before you move out. You can arrange their fixing with the housing company’s caretaker.

Schedule an inspection

The property manager will inspect the condition and cleanliness of the unit before the end of the lease. Wear and tear due to normal living or various minor marks from hanging paintings or the like are not an issue. If the inspection reveals deficiencies in cleaning, failure to plug of the water intake and drain connections of household appliances, significant deficiencies or faults in the condition of surfaces, fixed furnishings or plumbing fixtures, if equipment belonging to the unit is missing or if you have left things in the unit or other premises of the housing company that do not belong there, you will be charged separately in accordance with the issues recorded in the inspection report.

Hand over the keys

You can hand over all keys related to the unit during the inspection. Alternatively, you can leave all the keys to the unit on the kitchen counter when you move out. Remember to hand over any parking space keys as well. If you fail to return the keys or some of the keys are missing, you will be charged the cost of rekeying the unit’s locks.

Returning the security deposit

The deposit will be returned or the rent deposit account released within one month of the end of the lease, assuming that separate charges are not required based on the inspection or otherwise agreed with the landlord. Remember to provide your bank account number upon termination, or the return of your deposit may be delayed.