Basic information for tenants

Kunta kuvakkeet

How should I behave in a rental home?

Make yourself at home! To ensure that you and your family enjoy living in our buildings, we have put together some basic information for tenants.

  1. Everyone should live neatly and respect each other. You can read more about the shared rules in the Rules of Conduct.
  2. Take good care of the unit and its equipment. Report any faults as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure to pay your rent on time. If you have difficulties paying your rent, let us know.
  4. Sort waste according to the agreed system.
  5. If you would like different services to support your living situation, please let us know.
  6. Life situations change. You can easily switch to a smaller or larger unit. You can find instructions for switching units and browse vacant units here.
  7. Follow the instructions when using the common premises and services of the housing company, such as the laundry room, sauna and parking spaces.
  8. If you decide to move out, you can find the instructions for terminating your lease here.

Condition and equipment of the unit

When the tenant changes, we check the condition of the unit. Units are rented with the level of equipment they have when the lease is signed. Basic equipment includes fixed lights, fixed furniture in the kitchen, entrance hall and bedrooms, and household appliances (refrigerator, stove, extractor hood). Most of our units are equipped with places for washing machines and dishwashers. Each unit comes with a lockable, unit-specific storage space. If there are deficiencies in basic equipment or the condition of the unit, report them immediately using the fault-reporting form on our website.

Rent payment

You can easily and quickly check your rent payment status by calling our customer service or sending us an e-mail. When you sign your lease, you will receive credit transfer forms for paying the rent by the fifth day of each month. Notice of any rent revisions is always sent two months before the rent increases.

Our company follows good collection practices when collecting rents. If a tenant does not pay their rent, the matter is transferred to a recovery agency. The company starts taking recovery measures for even a month’s rent default. Efficient recovery is in the interest of our customers, as rent arrears might fall on other tenants to pay as increased costs. If a tenant fails to pay their rent despite reminders, we will apply to the district court for an eviction and recovery order, the costs of which are paid by the tenant. The order will be forwarded to the National Enforcement Authority for eviction and recovery. Failure to pay rent will result in eviction. In addition, the tenant will be sentenced to pay the rent arrears with interest and the recovery costs. The court proceedings will also cause a default entry in your credit record.

Temporary difficulties paying rent

Anyone can have temporary difficulties paying rent. In most cases, the cause is a sudden financial problem, unemployment or illness. Whatever the reason, do not let the problems pile up – contact us to arrange a payment schedule.

People with financial difficulties can also get help primarily from Kela or, secondarily, from Raahen Seudun Hyvinvointikuntayhtymä (the Raahe region joint municipal authority for health and social services) or through financial and debt counselling.

If you want to switch units

Apply for a vacant unit with a normal housing application. Switching is subject to certain instructions and also requires that:

  • The caretaker has inspected the units.
  • Any repair invoices have been paid.
  • The tenant has not received any reminder or warning for disturbance.
  • The tenant has not neglected the careful upkeep of their current unit.
  • The tenant does not have rent defaults.
  • The deposit has been paid and the receipt has been submitted.
  • New leases have been signed.
  • The key transfer is handled through the caretaker.

We reserve the right to accept or decline a switch. We need about two weeks to process the switch.


You can ask the property manager about the company’s available sauna shifts. Some of our units have a private sauna. Never use the sauna to dry laundry.

Parking spaces

A separate area is reserved for parking in the yard. Vehicles must be parked only in the designated areas, not on lawns or walkways. You can ask the property manager about parking spaces with heating poles. The caretaker will guide you in the use of the heater timer. Parking spaces with heating poles are subject to a monthly fee. Empty parking spaces with heating poles are not for common use, and you must not park in one unless you have rented one. Parking a vehicle in or outside the parking area must not cause harm to others. Also, note that car repairs are not allowed in yard areas.

Remember that emergency vehicles (fire truck, ambulance, etc.) must have free access to the doors and narrow corners. All roads in yard areas are rescue roads, where parking is forbidden.