Accepting a unit

Kunta kuvakkeet

We offer homes on the basis of housing applications. You can rent the offered unit by paying a security deposit and signing a lease agreement. A viewing can be arranged with the property manager. You will receive instructions on how to make the deposit during the viewing.

Signing a lease

Make an appointment in advance to sign the lease at our office. Leases are signed at our office in person. A lease must always be signed by all contracting parties. For example, if your partner is unable to come and sign the lease, ask him or her to sign a power of attorney form. We can provide a power of attorney form by e-mail upon request. Be prepared to prove your identity. Bring with you proof of payment of the security deposit. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash or card payments at our office.

Make an electricity contract

Make an electricity contract with your choice of electricity company. Make sure that the electricity contract is in effect when you move in. It may take up to two weeks for an electricity contract to be connected.

Get home insurance

We recommend that tenants take out home insurance. Ruukin Villa Oy has insured the residential property (the building and its structures), but your own movable property is not covered by the insurance taken out by the company in case of damage. Home insurance provides a safety net in the event of an accident in your unit or if, for example, an accident in a neighbouring unit destroys your property.

Submit a notification of move

According to law, you must notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (formerly Local Register Office) whenever you move to a different municipality or to a new address within the same municipality. Your permanent address determines, for example, the municipality where you pay tax, where you vote and access to some social security services. You should also notify Posti of your move so that your mail will find its way to your new address. You can submit the notification electronically on the Posti website at

Apply for housing allowance if you are eligible for it.

For more information on housing allowance, see Kela website

Transfer of keys

You will receive the keys after the lease is signed.

Find out when the previous tenant is moving out

As a rule, our units become available on the weekday following the end of the previous tenant’s lease. Sometimes the unit is already empty before that, in which case the new tenant can take possession earlier than usual. If you wish, you can ask the previous tenant when the unit will become available. Tenants are responsible for any problems they may encounter if they agree on a moving date that deviates from the dates on the lease. In such cases, the landlord cannot take responsibility for, for example, the unit’s cleanliness when it is handed over, the condition and care of sold or donated goods or payments between tenants.

Unpack your moving boxes and make yourself at home

If you notice any deficiencies in the condition of the unit or its standard equipment, please contact the caretaker as soon as possible. Check the condition of the fire detector as soon as you move in. Any waste generated during the move must not be left lying around in the public spaces of the housing company.

Familiarise yourself with your new home

Read the operation manuals for your home appliances and, if necessary, ask the caretaker for help. Get acquainted with the common premises of the housing company and their use. For example, turns in the laundry room and sauna are reserved in each building company either directly in the reservation book in the laundry room or through the caretaker. Familiarise yourself with the building company’s safety instructions and rescue plan.

Reserve a parking space

You can rent a parking space with a heating pole at a fixed monthly price. If you want to reserve a parking space, contact the property manager, who will provide the key to the heating pole. The caretaker will guide you in the use of the heater timer. Parking spaces are not intended for off-season storage of vehicles that are not in regular use, such as caravans and motorcycles. If you have not rented a parking space with a heating pole, you must not park in one.